Introducing uWizzle [yoo-viz-uhl] UV-C LED Wand

What is the uWizzle [yoo-viz-uhl] UV-C LED Wand?

uWizzle UV-C LED Wand - uWizzle's unique design provides for convenient adjustment to fit just about anything in your life or our world that needs to be disinfected.

uWizzle UV-C LED Wand brings the power of Ultraviolet C Light disinfection & sanitizing to a convenient, ultra-portable handset.

With a simple press of a button & just a few seconds of exposure to its powerful UV light, uWizzle cleanses most non-porous surfaces with ease & confidence.

Utilizing the narrow band of ultraviolet C light (280nm to 200nm), uWizzle provides a healthier & cleaner lifestyle for home, office, automotive or travel.

UV-C technology brings you added peace of mind to challenging times.