Introducing uWizzle [yoo-viz-uhl] UV-C LED Wand

uWizzle [yoo-viz-uhl] UV-C LED Wand: Where It All Began

The uWizzle [yoo-viz-uhl] UV-C LED Wand story began in early January of this year. As the world watched the horrors unfold on the opposite side of the globe, the founders of uWizzle knew there had to be something out there to help with the impending crisis. The quest was on to find a way to help folks the world over feel safer & improve the healthiness of their environments.

One of our founder’s thoughts kept returning to his grandmother, Grandma Dora. Christian spent hours wondering how she would have dealt with the COVID-19 pandemic. Barring the incredible threat of this novel coronavirus, the shortages of disinfecting supplies would have likely been nearly unbearable for her. You see, his grandmother was never far from her favorite can of disinfectant spray. She always always had many cans available & her home was filled with that familiar, yet unique fragrance of clean. As you might imagine, Grandma Dora would often join Christian’s family on various trips. His stories of her & her disinfecting routines are truly what great comedies are made of. In addition to the “Are we there yet?” questions & the basic excitement for these trips, Christian, his brother & sister had others… “Is she done?” “Can I use the bathroom?” Or, “I’m tired, can I just lay down, PLEASE!?” These are just a few of the comedic frustrations they faced on these family trips.

His Grandma Dora retired from the local VA Hospital. Over the years there, her amazing gregarious nature & personality led to many friendships with the medical staff. She learned a few things from her doctors & nurse friends… most notably, clean may not always be “clean.” Her solution… yes, disinfectant spray. A can of her favorite disinfectant spray was almost synonymous with her name.

It was from this place Christian was compelled to help the world. Being inspired by the notion Grandma Dora would have struggled to find ways to keep herself, her family & home safe with the COVID-19 pandemic. He knew there was a way, together Team uWizzle worked to develop a product that not only Grandma Dora would feel safe using but, you would too. The quest was on to find the best & most economical solution to ease even the most concerned of us all, Grandma Dora.

Team uWizzle honed in on the proven history of Ultraviolet Light Disinfection. With its use first appearing in the late 1800's to purify public drinking water supplies, this technology seemed to be the ideal fit. After searching high & low for a true portable solution for our fast paced world & coming up with little to no true options, we partnered with a manufacturer to develop our own product. It was then the uWizzle UV-C LED Wand was developed & brought to life.

Inspired by the ingenuity of German engineering, the creators of uWizzle wished to pay homage to this culture's rich history of design & craftsmanship. The name uWizzle [yoo-viz-uhl] borrows from the W sound in the German language & leans heavily on the heart of its amazing UV-C technology, the W is pronounced as one would pronounce the English letter V.

Team uWizzle is delighted you're here & are even more thrilled you've taken the time to learn more about our amazing sanitizing wand, the uWizzle UV-C LED Wand. We believe in our product & our mission to bring a cleaner world to your everyday life & in doing so, we believe Grandma Dora would be too.

Thank you kindly for your time & for your interest, we’re glad you’re here!

-Team uWizzle