Introducing uWizzle [yoo-viz-uhl] UV-C LED Wand

Frequently Asked Questions

I wash my hands dozens of times everyday... my mobile phone can’t possibly be all that dirty, can it?


Our mobile phones & devices are some of the dirtiest items we EVER touch throughout our day

It may surprise you that the typical toilet seat is far cleaner than our devices. On average, a mobile device has nearly 20x the germs found on toilet seats. YES... 20X! Gross, right? 

At first this might seem impossible. However, when we consider just how many things we touch over the course of our day, it’s not all that difficult to recognize this grim reality. 

Whether it’s the money we use to pay for a soda at the convenience store or the door handle we used as we walked in that store... THERE’S BACTERIA & GERMS ALL AROUND US!!!

These invisible pathogens find their way onto our devices; phones, tablets, remote controls and into nearly every facet of our lives.

Unfortunately washing our hands is only part of the solution to a cleaner & healthier lifestyle. Regardless of how many times we wash them, our hands are only clean until the next time we touch our gadgets or that grimy door knob. Our gadgets & devices are hard to clean because of their sensitivity to water and or chemicals. uWizzle solves this problem for you & brings added peace of mind when handling your prized devices.

How does uWizzle work?

uWizzle brings the power of Ultraviolet Light (UV-C) Disinfecting & Sanitizing to a convenient handheld device for your everyday life.

Simply exposing your mobile phone, tablets, keyboards to uWizzle's powerful UV-C light for just a few seconds will kill household germs, bacteria & viruses.

How does Ultraviolet Light (UV-C) kill germs, bacteria & viruses?

We invite you to review the What Is UV-C? for more detailed information on this amazing technology.

In short, UV-C irradiates these micro-organisms destroying their nucleic acids. This process disrupts their DNA & RNA, leaving these pathogens unable to function properly or reproduce and thus, killing them.

Is uWizzle safe?

Yes, uWizzle is entirely safe when used in accordance with its instructions. uWizzle employs two few very distinct safety features to minimize any risk while using its powerful UV-C light to disinfect & sanitize.

  • Child-Safety Lock: uWizzle's Child-Safety Lock prevents it from accidentally turning on.
  • Auto-Shutoff Sensor: uWizzle's Auto-Shutoff Sensor powers it down when the device is pivoted upwards.

uWizzle will only power on when it's Child-Safety Lock is disengaged & it's UV-C LED's on are pointed downward.

Is uWizzle Portable?

uWizzle is ultra-portable & fits easily inside your purse, handbag, backpack, carry-on luggage or in you glove box for a cleaner life on the go.

Can I use uWizzle on my skin?

No, absolutely not! uWizzle is for use on virtually any non-porous surface & can be used safely on your Computer, Keyboard & Mouse, Mobile Phone, Tablet, Toilet Seats, Door Knobs, Light Switches, Handrails, Shopping Carts, Baby Items or Children's Toys to name a few examples.

How often can uWizzle be use?

Sure. You can safely and effectively use uWizzle as often as you deem necessary to insure your peace of mind.

Can I use uWizzle in my home?

Absolutely & we encourage you to do so! uWizzle is perfectly suited & safe for use in a variety of environments including home, office, school & automotive.

Does uWizzle kills viruses and bacteria?

Absolutely! uWizzle is effective for killing most viruses, bacteria and germs.